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  • Spring Clearance Event

    Spring Clearance Event ends May 31st, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST
    Discount applies to SELECT items ONLY. Discount already applied, no coupon code needed
    40% discount is based on Dealer pricing level. Discount will vary, depending on your pricing level
    15% freight cap policy:
            - Contiguous United States: All orders $1,500 or more (non-drop ship deliveries.) For all Furniture orders under $1,500, a minimum freight charge of $225 will be applied.
            - Canada: All orders $3,500 or more (non-drop ship deliveries). For all Furniture orders under $3,500, a minimum freight charge of $350 will be applied.
            -  All other countries, please contact customer service for details.
    Does not apply to prior purchases, open orders or cannot be combined with any other offers
    All orders placed must be shipped ASAP
    Items only available while supplies last

  • Extended Market Promotion

    Extended Market Specials end March 26, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST.
    Discount applies to SELECT items ONLY. Discount already applied, no coupon code needed.
    15% freight cap policy:
            - Contiguous United States: All orders $1,500 or more (non-drop ship deliveries.) For all Furniture orders under $1,500, a minimum freight charge of $225 will be applied.
            - Canada: All orders $3,500 or more (non-drop ship deliveries). For all Furniture orders under $3,500, a minimum freight charge of $350 will be applied.
            - All other countries, please contact customer service for details.
    Does not apply to prior purchases or open orders and cannot be combined with any other offers.
    Items only available while supplies last.


  • Where do natural fibers come from?

    Coir – Coconut husks are soaked in fresh water for around six months, allowing the husk to soften into pulp. The pulp is then beaten away from the coir fibers using a wooden mallet. All separated Coir fibers are then washed and spread out to dry in the sun before they are tied into bales and sent to market.

    Jute – Seeds are scattered on cultivated soil and once the plant has flowered (about four months later) the stalks are cut down. Once the stalks are cut they are tied into bundles and soaked in water to soften the hard outer bark from the fibers within. After the fibers have been extracted they are washed and laid out to dry.

    Seagrass – A flowering plant that grows in warm shallow coastal waters, Seagrass is one of the few plants that thrive in salt water. Seagrass is harvested in its natural habitat, dried, combed for impurities and then woven into fibers.

  • Natural Fiber Care & Cleaning

    Shake, sweep, or vacuum to clean. Brush dirt and debris away with a brush and shake off any excess dirt. Spot clean if necessary. Avoid using vacuum cleaners with beater bar attachments. Professional cleaning is recommended. 

    For Liquid Spills: Blot the liquid as quickly as possible with a clean white towel, never scrub. If the liquid has dried, lightly brush away any excess debris before wetting. Using a clean white cloth, dab the spot with clear water and mild detergent. Once the spot is no longer visible, clean the detergent away with a clean damp cloth and blot dry. Provide airflow under the rug for proper drying.

    Traffic Areas: The recommended traffic areas (high, medium, and low) for natural fibers are based on the hardness of the fiber. Seagrass is the strongest and most durable, making it perfect for high traffic areas like entryways. Jute is a moderately soft, shiny fiber and is best suited for medium traffic areas. Coir, which is used in our doormats, is the only natural fiber that is naturally rot resistant and can withstand extended exposure to rain. Due to its durability coir is best suited for high traffic areas.

    Stain Removers: We recommend Folex which is formulated specifically for safely removing spots and stains from carpets and rugs. Folex can be found in most major department stores.

  • Wool Care & Cleaning

    Vacuum often to remove abrasive dirt particles. Shake or vacuum to clean. The use of a non-rotating power head attachment is highly recommended. Do not dry clean. Test carpet for colorfastness prior to spot cleaning. Any spill should be blotted with a clean white towel as scrubbing will drive the stain further into the fibers. Professional rug cleaning is recommended.


  • Villa Home Collection Bedding

    Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle. DO NOT BLEACH. Tumble Dry Low. Warm Iron As Needed. When washing quilts, use a large capacity washer/dryer.

  • For the Francis Jacquard White Bedding

    Only Non-Chlorine Bleach when needed.

  • Villa Pillows

    Clean only with a damp cloth of similar color.

  • Important to Note 

    The Special printing process used to create many of our Villa Pillows may result in slight color variations from piece to piece. These variations contribute to the beauty and uniqueness of this pillow.


  • Proposition 65 Compliance

    Proposition 65 requires warning labels on products that may contain any of 800-plus chemicals or ingredients that the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) lists as a carcinogen or a reproductive toxicant. The ingredients on that list include wood dust, brass, and many other everyday elements that can be found in products such as jewelry, lamps, ceramic tableware, lead crystal glasses, electric cords, automobiles, beauty products and furniture. In fact, a flame-retardant chemical currently required by the state of California to be added to upholstered furniture foams is now included among the chemicals that require a warning under Proposition 65.

    Because there is always a chance that wood dust or some other of the hundreds of ingredients listed in Proposition 65 could potentially be on our furniture or packing materials, we must include Proposition 65 warnings on our products. In addition, we are required to use the exact wording specified by California: "This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm."

    We realize that this warning sounds alarming. However, we want to assure you that our products do not pose a health risk. While there is research that supports health-related risks due to wood dust, this research also finds that the key factor in determining the health risk is the amount of exposure to wood dust. These hazardous exposure limits are generally found in the workplace when wood is being sawed or sanded, and have not been found on Classic Home products being shipped to our customers.

    The safety of our customers and employees is of highest priority for Classic Home. We want to assure you of our 30-year commitment to offering among the highest quality and safest products in the industry. Most importantly, we promise to honor the trust you have placed in us with your purchase or possible purchase of our products. We will honor that trust by offering furniture of enduring quality, lasting beauty and uncompromising safety to you and your customers.

  • What type of wood is used in Classic Home Furniture? 

    We use a variety of reclaimed and sustainably sourced woods such as: plantation-sourced birch, elm, fir, sheesham, acacia, and other aged woods.

  • Do these woods split? 

    In certain climates, the wood may naturally expand or contract and may develop slight openings and cracks. These may occur in and between the joined panels of the piece but will not compromise its structural integrity. Openings and cracks are part of the product’s rustic nature and distress. If desired, these may be filled or concealed using products available at most hardware stores. 

  • What is considered rustic nature and natural distress? 

    Cracks, indentations, knots and other superficial imperfections within the wood are considered rustic in nature and naturally distressed.

  • Do finishes in collections match? 

    Our furniture is handmade and may cause slight differences in construction, measurements and finish. Pieces will have a consistent overall tone (i.e. light vs. dark); however, there are some variances in the finishes and therefore WE CANNOT GUARANTEE matching. Please note: grain, texture and tones will vary from piece to piece due to the nature of the wood and its hand-finished process. 

  • Why does my piece look different from the photograph in the catalog?

    We’ve done our best to represent each piece as closely as possible. However, different lighting and settings in photography will affect the color and appearance of a piece.

  • What is the best way to maintain the appearance of Classic Home Furniture? 

    Dust regularly with a clean cloth. DO NOT clean furniture with a damp cloth or sponge. 

  • What should I use to polish Classic Home Furniture? 

    We recommend Fiddes Supreme Wax Polish or similar products. A LIGHT APPL ICATION should be necessary once or twice a year. DO NOT USE: Wood oil treatments (i.e. lemon oil), wet wash cloths, Pledge or other polishes with strong chemical compounds. 

  • What happens if water of liquids spill on Classic Home Furniture? 

    Wipe immediately. If water sits on the surface, it will stain. Always use coasters when setting glassware on a table.

  • What type of finish is applied to Classic Home Furniture? 

    A clear lacquer finish is used on our furniture. We do not apply a wax finish; however, a wax can be applied.

  • Should I be concerned about direct sunlight? 

    Sunlight, water and humidity levels should always be considered. Never place furniture in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat for extended periods of time. 

  • How do I repair scratches, dents and water rings? 

    Stripping the finish is the only way to truly repair scratches, dents and water rings. We strongly recommend seeking professional assistance. 

  • What materials and construction are used in making Classic Home inspired leather and seating products? 

    Classic Home inspired leather furniture is primarily constructed from polyurethane. Other chairs and sofas are made from linen blends. Wood frames are made from solid oak, birch and beech. Belt strap support systems are used for seat and back comfort. All foam and fiber cushion fillings are in compliance with California standards.

  • How should chairs be cleaned? 

    To remove stains and blemishes, we recommend professional cleaning. 


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  • Payment & Credit 

    Classic Home accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express. NET 30 is available upon credit approval.

  • Shipping

    Our furniture typically ships on pallets for LTL shipments or full trailers with large volume orders. We offer a Freight Cap Program that guarantees your rate once you meet the established minimum requirement. We must be notified in advance of any special delivery requirements (i.e. inside delivery, etc.) as extra charges will apply. Our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you with finding the best shipment option(s) for your order.

  • Shipping Lead Time 

    Orders that are in stock ship from our warehouse in 3 to 5 business days once your order is confirmed and account status is current. New or out-of-stock products require longer lead time. Inventory levels, including incoming quantities, are updated on our website daily. 

  • Ecommerce Policy 

    Approval of new ecommerce business is at the discretion of management. 

  • Drop Ship 

    Orders can be drop shipped directly to your customer through our drop ship program. Fees, restrictions and requirements apply. Please Note: This does not apply to ecommerce business and you will need to be approved by management to sell our products online. 

  • Return & Exchange Policy 

    All damage claims must be made within 7 days of receipt of shipment. Will call orders must be inspected at time of pick up. All returns must have an RA number. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Returns of undamaged product must be pre-authorized and will be assessed a 20% restocking fee. 

  • Quick Ship Program 

    We also offer quick ship links on our website featuring hundreds of ready-to-ship products in all categories. 

  • Direct Container Program 

    We offer a direct container program from factories around the world offering substantial discounts on hundreds of products. Ask your Sales Representative for further details. 

  • Product Information & Care 

    Every item sold from Classic Home is handcrafted and will have unique characteristics that vary from piece to piece. More significant variations are to be expected with products utilizing reclaimed woods, metals and natural fibers. These irregularities and imperfections are part of the products natural beauty and rustic charm.



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