Villa by Classic Home’s textiles create beautiful, considered spaces with a curated blend of materials, textures, patterns, and colors. Inspired by current trends, classic details and timeless craftsmanship, our collections offer singular designs of exceptional quality.

We devote an entire year to developing our collections to ensure every detail embodies our values and reflects our passions. 



Our in-house team introduces new collections every quarter, blending the best textile, art, and fashion trends into unforgettable designs. Designers often bring their passions like watercolors, photography, and graphic design to the process, making every product a personal creation.


Skilled craftspeople employ time-honored techniques to bring our designs to life. Whether hand embroidering, mixing custom dyes, or sewing delicate beadwork, our artisans work at the highest level to create our exceptional textiles.

We are always working to bring you the best in global trends and traditions and look forward to sharing even more of what inspires us in the years to come.