Classic Home began thirty years ago when founder Harpal Singh started selling handwoven kilim rugs. It was in these first inspired pieces that Harpal saw the potential for authentically crafted pieces to transform spaces. Inspired by the rugs, Harpal searched the globe for other pieces that held true to his values of quality and authenticity, curating them into the collections we have today. This website is both the culmination of what we have accomplished over the past thirty years and a blueprint for our continued refinement of style and services. We are grateful to you for joining us on our journey of discovery and inspiration and look forward to sharing even more with you in the years to come.


Harpal Singh founds Classic Home with the belief that authentically crafted pieces can transform spaces.


Classic Home introduces furniture, expands its presence at markets, and launches its first website, anticipating online retail trends.


Classic Home refines its collections and services, including a new website that redefines customers’ online experience and prepares the company for future growth.