Authentic Coastal Luxury

Experience the height of refined leisure and introduce a serene ambiance into every setting with the fine craftsmanship of the Comporta collection.

Materials that tell a Story

Singular designs crafted from hand-selected materials of pine, teak, oak, reclaimed wood, and texture-rich upholstery pulls inspiration from the natural beauty of Comporta, Portugal.

Find Beauty in the Details

Rural architecture and free-flowing organic designs capture the vivid imagery of sun-bleached driftwood, detailed hand woodwork, and centuries-old carvings.

Shape the Future of Décor

Rich colorways and textures mimic the coastal waters and wind-worn cliffs of the Portuguese coast.


The collection lends to the notion of slowing down
to appreciate the luxuries of life.






The Comporta Way

From the design aesthetic and materials to the exquisite detailing, the collection draws inspiration from the fishing towns and beach villas of decades past; it is an invitation to find excitement in the possibility of experiences.